SAN DIEGO, CA - Certitude Digital, Inc. announced today the release of a proof of concept application demonstrating their patent-pending, keyless, asset-centric, digital security AMULET™ technology to protect intellectual property in any digital form across any operating system or device.


Certitude Digital’s sample application demonstrates security technology that represents a 180-degree shift from failed legacy approaches towards the security of digital assets and their embedded intellectual property. Where legacy apps attempt to secure ever-larger containers filled with otherwise unprotected assets, thereby presenting ever-more-tempting and rewarding targets for anyone, including state-sponsored hackers, breaching those containers, AMULET™ protection takes a nanotechnology approach, efficiently locking down individual digital assets wherever they travel or reside. Scott Deaver, President and CTO at Certitude Digital, and inventor of the patent-pending AMULET™ technology, said "the industry maintains its focus on container-related asset protection (CRAP), which leaves the digital assets (the hacker’s true objective) completely defenseless once the container (file system, server, cloud, browser, or operating system) has been breached. Our approach completely inverts this by providing security at the asset level, giving the asset the means to protect itself, regardless of whether it's in a container or not. Much more work for a hacker, and with tiny rewards".  Deaver goes on to explain, "Our security method enforces criteria-based access rules defined by the author, artist, or developer, which, in addition to leaving security in the hands of the person who knows the asset best and has the most to lose, takes middlemen out of the equation, resolving the social engineering hacking issues that beset traditional technologies. Our technology follows the digital asset throughout its lifespan wherever it may be and ensures the consistent application of effective security, with audit trailing and dynamic modification thrown in for good measure".


Losses with traditional and derivative cybersecurity technologies are quickly approaching trillions of dollars in size annually, and we have an opportunity here that you don't find too often in one's career – this is a very exciting time for us”, said Scott Orman, COO at Certitude Digital. “We are eager to find the right person to fill our CEO position, to help us pursue funding and to navigate this truly massive opportunity with our technology”.


About Certitude Digital


Certitude Digital and AMULET™ technologies are the culmination of the founder's thirty years of digital technology and security expertise as a consultant working for many Fortune 100 companies.  The AMULET™ core architecture was inspired by his earlier work focused on the challenges with protecting digital assets from internal employees. Today, the company is developing additional eye-opening capabilities as it helps educate the industry on the problems with the container-related approach and seeks out funding to commercialize its solution.


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It is galling to watch traditional security

providers gambling with the client’s money

putting more and more intellectual property

inside flimsy containers and then daring state-

sponsored hackers to come get them.

Scott Deaver, Certitude Digital CTO


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