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AMULET™ plain-text demo download

[UPDATE 5/5/2020: The required Guest Additions component of the virtual machine was inadvertently left out of the earlier version. We have since added the component and updated the Windows operating system on the VM. If you downloaded the VM prior to 5/5/2020, please download the VM again. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.]

We have released our first-pass AMULET™ plain-text demo download - and, as is typical for us, we've done it in a somewhat different way than other companies may have done it (which is by design).

This demo is being distributed as a virtual machine (VM)

We are releasing our very first demo as a complete VirtualBox virtual machine, complete with its own up-to-date version of Windows 10 Professional. Why would we do that? Because it makes far more sense, given our available resources and the purpose of the demo, to distribute a virtual machines than to distribute (and support) individual demos built for half-of-dozen different major operating sytems, with a dozen different versions of each of those present in the wild, and variances in performance and behavior caused by thousands of different host devices and their update levels and unique memory and storage footprints.

Consider these factors:

About the virtual machine

When you download the "AMULETPlainTextDemo.rar" demo file, included within it you will find a set of instructions ("CertitudeTextEditorDemoInstallAndUse.pdf") and the virtual machine files ("AMULETPlainTextDemo.vbox" and "AMULETPlainTextDemo.vdi").

The instructions will explain how to download and install the VirtualBox virtual machine management console that allows you to run indvidual virtual machines (do not forget to also install the VirtualBox extensions!). We selected VirtualBox over Microsoft's HyperVisor and VMWare after careful consideration of a number of competing factors. On the negative side, unlike the others VirtualBox is not a "bare-metal" virtiual machine - that means it rides on top of the operating system like an application rather than as a device driver much closer to the hardware. This means VirtualBox runs (sometimes much) slower than the others. However, since it is not dependendent on specialzed hardware support like the others, VirtualBox runs on a broader range of operating systems and devices, and in our experience, much more consistently and reliably across disparate machines. For the same reasons, VirtualBox is not subject to some of the techie tweaks necessary to wring performance and reliability out of the other virtual machinmes, and runs well with no installer changes right out of the box.And, of course, VirtualBox is free.

If you do not have the experience we intended with VirtualBox, please let us know and we will re-visit our options. The VirtualBox VM can be exported to the standardized Open Virtualization Format (see https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2053864 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYdicQoIHZA) for use with other virtual machine vendors. However, our experience exporting to other virtual machines was not consistenlty easy or effective.

The settings for the Virtual Box VM manager that we have found produce the best results for us include the following (these are set in the "Settings" menu item of the VM manager's top menu line):

1. "System" page, "Motherboard" tab: Set "Base memory" to 4096 and set the "Enable I/O APIC" checkbox to checked on.

2. "System" page, "Processor" tab: Set "Processor(s):" to 4, "Execution Cap:" to 100% and the "Enable PAE/NX" checkbox checked on.

3. "System" page, "Acceleration" tab: Set the "Enable Nested Paging" checkbox checked on.

4. "Display" page, "Screen" tab: Set the "Video Memeory" slider to 128MB, and set the "Enable 3D Acceleration" checkbox checked on.

For the other settings, the defaults should be fine, or you can experiment with the settings to best fit your particular device.

What is in the downloaded file

The downloaded file is a very large (4.93 gigabytes) file named "AMULETPlainTextDemo.rar" (fair warning - depending upon your download equipment and Internet speeds, the file can take a very long time to download). The *.rar file extension indicates that it is a WinRAR application file (WinRAR is a variant of the popular WinZIP comnpression technology you often see in files having the *.zip file extension). Most modern decompression utilities, including those built into later Windows operating systems, can decompress *.rar files. If not available on your system, you can download and install a free version of WinRAR here: https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0.

Once you have downloaded and decompressed AMULETPlainTextDemo.rar, read and follow the instructions in the CertitudeTextEditorDemoInstallAndUse.pdf file it contains.



Additional slides used in the demo

When we present the demo to a live audience, we use the following slides immediately before the demo itself as presentation aids: