You may think you do - you may even think you are an expert. The truth is that you haven't a clue, and the results of 40 years of your very best efforts, products, and services prove it (what you do know - exploiting consumer ignorance to profit from selling the latest derivative product that appears to work until hacked - is NOT cybersecurity... not even close). You've been selling over-priced aspirin when the need is to cure a cancer.


"Deaver on Cybersecurity" is the must-have reference work on the true realities of online computer security today - and it is the only book available that tells you step-by-step in explicit detail how to solve all cybersecurity issues, now and into the future, efficiently, economically... and forever. No one can lay claim to being a "cybersecurity professional" if you haven't read and fully absorbed the contents of this book, most of which has never appeared in print in any public form before - this information spans the gamut of concerns faced by consumers, corporate boardrooms, and technical professionals every single day of both their personal and professional lives.

First, the book presents the full "man behind the curtain" origins of the cybersecurity threats we face globally today - you may be surprised to learn that hackers have very little to do with it, and the real crook is the one you pay that annual subscription fee for your virus scanner. You'll learn what "intellectual property" is as it relates to online security, and what your digital "identity" should always have been (and how to make that happen).

In this, the first (and to date, only) comprehensive deep-dive ever done by any world-class software engineer with extensive experience in dozens of actual corporate environments worldwide, the author presents in vivid detail the only logical, workable, and holistic solution to the problem domain ever devised. He reveals everything behind explosive patented and patent-pending technologies in secret development for a dozen years, now with its most significant components ready for open-sourcing.

Everyone picking up this book learns from it - seasoned technical professionals discover basic concepts and common-sense approaches they've never considered or heard before. Students gain a strong foundation they can layer upon for their future. Consumers learn the probing questions they need to ask to protect themselves from both threats and vendors. Educators are shown new ways to address these topics and make them relevant to their students as well as to the problem domain. This book is mandatory for the intellectual property professional (a patent attorney/agent/paralegal, an artists' rights agent, a layer-1 creator, or publishing entity) to map the relationships between online computing and the rights of layer-1 creators, publishers and providers.

One thousand densely-packed pages you'll reference time and time again, and which will save you untold pain and expense navigating what has been a treacherous online computer world.